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What is CPD and What is the CPD Network?

CPD Network supplies downloadable interactive training that meets NSW Government CPD requirements.  Currently CPD Network will be supplying training for NSW Builders Licences administered by Fair Trading NSW.  Each training module provides one CPD point towards compliance with the NSW Fair Trading’s CPD Program.  Multi-point packs will also be available.

What does the CPD training have?

Each module comes with an audio file that can be listened to on any mpg compatible device, such as any smart phone, iPod, tablet, computer and many car radios.  It also comes with a workbook that takes you through some additional information.  Our CPD training products have implementable action items not just theories.  You can take what you learn during your CPD training and use it to improve your business.

How do I get this CPD training?

You will be able to buy single CPD training topics or training packs (packs have higher CPD point values). Then listen to the training at your own convenience.  The CPD training packs are bundled in topic areas to help improve your learning.

Why is audio great for CPD training?

Your time is the most valuable thing in your business.  If you multiply your hourly rate by the time you spend on training it can be an expensive exercise.  By utilising your unproductive time to listen to this training, like while stuck in traffic or during bad weather, you become more efficient.  Audio is proven to be the most popular form of learning in the new media age.  Having the ability to access this information when it is convenient to you is a huge boost to your time management and efficiency.  Audio is so convenient it encourages repeat listening.

So when can you access this great service?

Leave your email address and we will contact you as soon as we have our first training products available.  Plus you will get an early bird discount.  Not only will you get training downloaded, you will have access to forums plus “questions and answers” asked by people that have used the training.

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